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The journey begins...


... in your bathtube

are there better ways...

... of dealing with water...

... and with waste...

... in our households?

... and in our cities?

Aquatopia is searching for some answers...


    A periscope, under water, above earth. Here the travel reports are written. Artists: Andrea Acosta and Christian Meixner


    Navigation devices for urban research. Nautical charts and the Captain's diary reveal the travel itineraries. Artist: Catherine Grau

    archive and lab

    Newspaper clippings and ideas; garbage collections and water samples. Artistic experiments by the IZK students.


    Hier kannst du dich zurückziehen, auszuruhen und Gute-Nacht-Geschichten von Nayari Castillo und Tuuli Sundén-Uusimäki lesen…

    crew’s mess

    A room for meetings and spontaneous gatherings. Fishes and birds swim and fly around. Artists: Ursula Achternkamp and Barbara Raič

    engine room

    Man-powered propeller. Machines and equipment for wastewater inspection. Artists: Richard Frankenberger, Eva Ursprung, GDS & Roter Keil


    Das U-boot schwimmt in mehrere Badewannen. Eine Installation von Günther Pedrotti
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